Gestational diabetes and your diet during pregnancy


As if expectant mamas don't have enough to worry about, add a type of diabetes that can make an appearance during pregnancy!

During a webinar on gestational diabetes led by Ilona Pulis, a registered dietitian, various topics were discussed to help individuals better understand and manage this condition. Ilona highlighted that gestational diabetes is becoming increasingly common among pregnant women, with statistics showing a significant rise in the number of cases in the last decade and a a higher-than-average incidence in Malta and Gozo.

The webinar covered several important topics related to gestational diabetes, including the screening...


Pelvic Floor & Core Health during pregnancy & postpartum


Pelvic floor & core health is a topic many mamas only hear about only when issues start cropping up!

Pregnancy and birth (both vaginal and caesarean) can put stress on and damage the pelvic floor and our core muscles. So, if you are planning to have a baby, you’re pregnant or you’ve had a baby (or a few), now is an especially important time to pay attention to those muscles down south!

On the 30th July 2021 we joined forces with Belly Bandit at My Favourite Things, to organise a live webinar led by leading women's health physiotherapist Carolyn Sultana. We LOVED Carolyn's insights and enjoyed each minute of...


MyMama LOVES - Linea MammaBaby Sun Protection Range


Sun safety is on every parent's mind once the temperatures start soaring!

We read confusing and often conflicting advice about how we should be keeping our little ones safe in the sun.  On the 13th of July 2021 we teamed up with  My Favourite Things and the sun protection range by Linea MammaBaby to bring you this FREE webinar where dermatologist Dr. Liam Mercieca spoke about how we can keep our kids safe from the harmful effects of the sun, and parents asked questions related to the topic. 

You can watch the webinar here if you missed the live event!

About the Linea MammaBaby Sun...


Q&A with Becki Galea: Sleep training and establishing healthy sleep habits in children


The lovely Becki Galea talks to Donna about the process of sleep training your little ones, gives LOTS of actionable tips and answers our followers' questions - a goldmine of information that you will certainly find useful!

Tried-and-tested by lots of happy (and now well-rested) families, Becki's sleep coaching packages can now be booked on the MyMama website - you can finally look forward to having a proper night's sleep!

Welcome to the MyMama community Becki! More details can be found via the link below:


Q&A with Christina Gauci: Early Signs of Autism Spectrum Disorder

The lovely Christina Gauci, Speech & Language Pathologist, talks about the early signs of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).
The 'Triad of Impairment' is used to describe the three core areas that children with ASD have difficulties with to some degree. Watch on to learn what are the behaviours and developmental milestones to look out for, who we can resort to when we're concerned, and the numerous entities and programs in place that offer their services and support to families.
Thanks again Christina for sharing your knowledge with us mums and dads!

Q&A with Gayle Cutajar: Postpartum Exercise

Getting back in shape after having a baby, whether to lose the baby weight or to rebuild our strength and increase energy levels, is not a task we should approach blindly.
Once we get the green light from our doctor at the six-week checkup, how can a fitness coach help?
Donna had a chat with the lovely Gayle Cutajar about postnatal fitness, how specific exercises can help resolve certain issues caused by pregnancy and birth, and how good nutrition should be at the basis of an effective exercise program.
(Should you like more info on how you can kick-start your exercise plan, Gayle can be contacted on Facebook page...

Q&A with Christina Gauci: Speech and Language Development in Early Childhood (Part 2)


Screen time - yay or nay? What about the importance of reading to our baby?

In the second part of our interview with Speech and Language Pathologist Christina Gauci, we also talk multilingual families where family members are speaking more than one language with the children - how does this change the process of speech and language development?

Donna also asks Christina the questions that our followers sent in. Thank you Christina for a super-informative session!


Q&A with Christina Gauci: Speech and Language Development in Early Childhood (Part 1)


Donna chats with Speech and Language Pathologist Christina Gauci on the topic of speech and language development in early childhood.

In the first part of our interview, we have a look at the milestones that we should keep track of, how we can encourage speech and language development (since before birth!) and in which cases we should consult with a professional. We also discuss the link between chewing during weaning and speech development.


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