A warm hello! I'm so glad to be finally writing this... the journey to get here was long and bumpy. REWIND to eleven years ago - I was a newbie mum to twin girls. I was struggling with the changes and constantly questioning myself. I thought I could do it alone,  but often cracked under the stress and felt even more isolated and worried that I was not good enough. I lost so much precious time and energy, but mostly felt I had lost myself . When I finally sought support, the ME that had been forgotten re-emerged and I gradually became more confident about my evolving role as a parent. 

Around me I was seeing mums and dads facing similar struggles - needing encouragement and direction, reliable advice, a few helpful tips and someone who would listen to them without being judgemental.

The MyMama concept has been a long time coming. Several years in product development and business development and four daughters later, and it is finally the right time to press PLAY. 

MyMama aims to put PARENTS in the spotlight by offering curated courses and easily-accessible online and in person services and support for pregnancy and parenthood via our team of professionals. 

We regularly collaborate with external experts to focus on various topics of interest, bringing you useful content and added-value events.

As what happens with the best projects, MyMama is a constant work in progress and we'd love to know what else you'd like to see on this platform - contact us with your feedback, suggestions, proposed collaborations... we're all ears!  

I sincerely hope you will feel at home with us - understood, valued and free to be PERFECTLY IMPERFECT!


Donna Cardona



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