MyMama LOVES: Dr. Brown's Anti-Colic Bottles

ad colic May 12, 2021

Tried-and-tested by millions of mums, number one paediatrician-recommended anti-colic bottle brand Dr. Brown's needs no introduction. These are not the bottles with pretty designs that you wish to have amongst your baby supplies - they're the bottles you wish you knew about. Read on to learn why Dr. Brown's anti-colic bottles get the MyMama LOVES seal of approval.


Colic, spit-up, burping and gas – how to get your baby's discomfort issues under control.


We know how helpless you feel when your baby is crying uncontrollably. Even more so when whatever you do does not seem to provide any relief. If this is the...


Tips for Colic - brought to you by Colief Infant Drops


Colic is very common in babies - but that doesn't make it easier for parents who often feel helpless during their baby's inconsolable crying episodes.

'Tips for Colic', produced by the MyMama team in collaboration with Colief Infant Drops, provides useful information to parents-to-be and new parents. Midwife Catriona Grech explains the symptoms and possible causes of colic, and gives some expert tips on how to soothe your colicky baby.

Colief Infant Drops is distributed by Cherubino Ltd and available at pharmacies and The First Years Malta.

If you suspect your baby is suffering from colic and need personalised advice, our midwives and...


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