Gestational diabetes and your diet during pregnancy


As if expectant mamas don't have enough to worry about, add a type of diabetes that can make an appearance during pregnancy!

During a webinar on gestational diabetes led by Ilona Pulis, a registered dietitian, various topics were discussed to help individuals better understand and manage this condition. Ilona highlighted that gestational diabetes is becoming increasingly common among pregnant women, with statistics showing a significant rise in the number of cases in the last decade and a a higher-than-average incidence in Malta and Gozo.

The webinar covered several important topics related to gestational diabetes, including the screening and diagnosis of the condition, common misconceptions and incorrect advice that may be encountered, the optimal diet for gestational diabetes, and the role of nutraceuticals in managing the condition. Ilona also discussed the glycemic index and its importance in managing gestational diabetes, including which foods and drinks are recommended and which are not, as well as the use of sweeteners during pregnancy.

Additionally, Ilona provided practical tips and advice for managing gestational diabetes and discussed the importance of nutrition during pregnancy, including the importance of maintaining a healthy diet and the role of nutraceuticals in supporting optimal health. Ilona also discussed the importance of post-pregnancy care and what can be done to support overall health after having a baby.

WATCH NOW: The webinar recording is available above!


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