MyMama LOVES - Sleep Tight Baby Bed by Purflo


Check out how the Sleep Tight Baby Bed by Purflo supports SAFE SLEEPING & why it's a MUST-HAVE for every expectant parent!

MyMama is proud to introduce the brand-new sleep innovation by Purflo - the Sleep Tight Baby Bed is the first of its kind to be certified for unsupervised and overnight sleep from birth.  It eliminates concerns raised by traditional nests, pods and sleep positioners and is available locally from Sweet Pea Ideas. 

Tested above and beyond safety regulations, the Sleep Tight Baby Bed is the ultimate, multi-functional safe sleeping space for baby from birth to 8 months.  





Q&A with Becki Galea: Sleep training and establishing healthy sleep habits in children


The lovely Becki Galea talks to Donna about the process of sleep training your little ones, gives LOTS of actionable tips and answers our followers' questions - a goldmine of information that you will certainly find useful!

Tried-and-tested by lots of happy (and now well-rested) families, Becki's sleep coaching packages can now be booked on the MyMama website - you can finally look forward to having a proper night's sleep!

Welcome to the MyMama community Becki! More details can be found via the link below:


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