doddl - solving the problem of kids' cutlery



doddl offers the answer to make mealtimes for young children more ENJOYABLE!

doddl is a fast-growing UK brand set up and run by an entrepreneurial mum who, through the invention of a unique product is making a positive impact on children’s relationship with food and mealtimes. Catherine Dodd, doddl inventor, said “doddl’s unique design offers innovation in children’s cutlery that hasn’t been seen before.

By designing specifically for babies and children alongside child development experts, we’ve made it much easier for children to eat successfully, making mealtimes more enjoyable...


MyMama LOVES - Sleep Tight Baby Bed by Purflo


Check out how the Sleep Tight Baby Bed by Purflo supports SAFE SLEEPING & why it's a MUST-HAVE for every expectant parent!

MyMama is proud to introduce the brand-new sleep innovation by Purflo - the Sleep Tight Baby Bed is the first of its kind to be certified for unsupervised and overnight sleep from birth.  It eliminates concerns raised by traditional nests, pods and sleep positioners and is available locally from Sweet Pea Ideas. 

Tested above and beyond safety regulations, the Sleep Tight Baby Bed is the ultimate, multi-functional safe sleeping space for baby from birth to 8 months.  





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