MyMama WORDS: Life changes when you have children

motherhood words Jul 21, 2023

Some people say it takes a village. I believe it takes a vineyard.

Let me begin by saying, motherhood is beautiful. It is the most heart-warming and rewarding thing I have ever done. I am eternally grateful for my boys; and just as grateful for my village. But motherhood also has its challenges, and I must admit, when I came across the above quote as a meme on Facebook recently, I laughed out loud. A support network is a most wonderful blessing - but sometimes, you really do need that glass (or two) of wine.

You hear it said – life changes when you have children – but you don’t really understand it until you have your...


Mother, Woman, I - brought to you by Multi-Mam

In the coming months, MyMama will be launching a number of initiatives to promote breastfeeding and, more importantly, provide support, practical information and tips to mums who embark on this journey. This article penned by Multi-Mam, reminds us of how multi-faceted motherhood is... and even when elbow-deep in daily challenges, to always remember to be true to ourselves.


Mother, Woman, I


Motherhood has always been treated like an umbrella term, as if one word could hold the meaning of all that it entails. Perhaps you will agree with us that in this case, it’s a rather ambitious feat that is doomed to fail. It is a...


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