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Find balance & healing with Yoga Therapy


In our fast-paced world, finding moments of tranquility and healing is essential for our physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Yoga therapy offers a holistic approach to health, combining the ancient practice of yoga with modern therapeutic techniques to promote healing and balance.


You're probably already familiar with mainstream yoga, but let’s explore what yoga therapy is and how it can benefit YOU!

What is Yoga Therapy?

Yoga Therapy is the professional application of yogic principles and practices to promote holistic health and well-being within a therapeutic...


Mama Let's Talk: Christina & Elaine


Fostering - a shortcut to parenting or an act of selfless love?

During what proved to be an emotional Mama Let's Talk Episode Donna had a chat with three amazing women. Foster parents Christina Zammit La Rosa and Elaine Brincat were joined by Laura Darmanin from the Directorate of Children and Youths to talk about the process involved to become foster parents and the rollercoaster of emotions that they need to deal with.
According to Christina, the toughest, yet ironically, the most rewarding part of fostering is the reintegration process, where thanks to the intervention of foster families and the Directorate's work, the...

Mama Let's Talk: Noel & Chris

Noel and Chris - perhaps not who you'd expect for a Mama Let's Talk episode, but we wanted to get a number of points across via this interview.
First, that all parents, but even more so those choosing adoption as a route to parenthood need to be supported and loved as the journey is not an easy one. Secondly, since launching the MyMama platform, we have made it a point to be inclusive and open-minded about the concept of parenthood - any child who has one, two or more loving and doting parents or guardians, whatever their sex, religion or colour, is a fortunate one.
It was a pleasure to film this interview with Noel and...

Mama Let's Talk: Lorinda Mamo


We're in awe of Lorinda - cancer survivor, mum to the gorgeous Henry, and creative extraordinaire at HappyPlay Company.

For this episode of Mama Let's Talk, Donna has a chat with Lorinda to learn about the period in her life when blogging was her therapy and how creativity gives her an outlet for those dark days. Through '3 Happy Things' and the way she approaches her own struggles, she teaches the rest of us how to find the positive in every day.


Mama Let's Talk: Ira Losco


For the series MAMA LET'S TALK, Donna has a chat with Ira Losco about her off-stage role as mum to Harry and baby Gigi.

Who is mummy Ira? How does she find time for her art? What prompted her to be so vocal about the importance of perinatal mental health? Is Harry a fan of her singing? Be sure to check it out!


Mama Let's Talk: Amy Camilleri Zahra


For the series MAMA LET'S TALK, Donna meets warrior mama Amy Camilleri Zahra, to talk about life as a parent with a disability, why lack of accessibility frustrates her, and how she advocates the importance of parental mental health.


Mama Let's Talk: Melissa Gatt


For the series MAMA LET'S TALK, Donna chats with Melissa from @theislandmumma to learn about her experience as a mum of three, the daily challenges and why she learnt to accept help.


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