Mama Let's Talk: Lorinda Mamo


We're in awe of Lorinda - cancer survivor, mum to the gorgeous Henry, and creative extraordinaire at HappyPlay Company.

For this episode of Mama Let's Talk, Donna has a chat with Lorinda to learn about the period in her life when blogging was her therapy and how creativity gives her an outlet for those dark days. Through '3 Happy Things' and the way she approaches her own struggles, she teaches the rest of us how to find the positive in every day.


Mama Let's Talk: Ira Losco


For the series MAMA LET'S TALK, Donna has a chat with Ira Losco about her off-stage role as mum to Harry and baby Gigi.

Who is mummy Ira? How does she find time for her art? What prompted her to be so vocal about the importance of perinatal mental health? Is Harry a fan of her singing? Be sure to check it out!


Mama Let's Talk: Amy Camilleri Zahra


For the series MAMA LET'S TALK, Donna meets warrior mama Amy Camilleri Zahra, to talk about life as a parent with a disability, why lack of accessibility frustrates her, and how she advocates the importance of parental mental health.


Q&A with Christina Gauci: Speech and Language Development in Early Childhood (Part 2)


Screen time - yay or nay? What about the importance of reading to our baby?

In the second part of our interview with Speech and Language Pathologist Christina Gauci, we also talk multilingual families where family members are speaking more than one language with the children - how does this change the process of speech and language development?

Donna also asks Christina the questions that our followers sent in. Thank you Christina for a super-informative session!


Q&A with Christina Gauci: Speech and Language Development in Early Childhood (Part 1)


Donna chats with Speech and Language Pathologist Christina Gauci on the topic of speech and language development in early childhood.

In the first part of our interview, we have a look at the milestones that we should keep track of, how we can encourage speech and language development (since before birth!) and in which cases we should consult with a professional. We also discuss the link between chewing during weaning and speech development.


Mama Let's Talk: Melissa Gatt


For the series MAMA LET'S TALK, Donna chats with Melissa from @theislandmumma to learn about her experience as a mum of three, the daily challenges and why she learnt to accept help.


Pro-tip Series: How to cook ONE MONTH's worth of homemade dinners before baby's arrival

When we plan for the birth of our little one, we often put a lot of energy and focus into making sure we have all the baby clothes freshly washed, the crib set up, we stock up the nursery and start counting down the days to when we'll have baby in our arms. The postpartum period is nothing short of tough - your body is in recovery-mode, your little one is dependent on you 24/7 and the lack of sleep is doing you no favours.

But you still need to think about DINNER!

The last thing you'll feel like is worrying about what to feed yourself and your family - and unless you're blessed with an in-house chef, you need to get your act together...


Pro-tip Series: Comfort Measures and Coping Mechanisms for Labour

Labour and birth are nothing short of life-changing events in a couple’s life. How labour is perceived prior to the event, often affects how the event is experienced. Labour is a powerful, yet healthy force and is most commonly a normal physiological event. A woman’s ability to cope with labour can be influenced by a great number of factors as will be discussed by MyMama midwife Ms Catriona Grech in this article.


Ms Catriona Grech - Comfort Measures and Coping Mechanisms for Labour


I believe that maternal satisfaction with the birth experience is dependent on not just creating a painless labour, but...


Pro-tip Series: Why do I need Folic Acid in Pregnancy?

Research extensively shows that couples preparing to conceive, most notably women, are eager to make lifestyle changes in order to be in optimal health before planning for a baby. While some start exercising, others switch to a more healthy and well-balanced diet. In this blog post, MyMama midwife Ms Annabelle Mamo talks about the importance of folic acid in pregnancy.


Ms Annabelle Mamo - Why do I need Folic Acid in Pregnancy?


Whilst there are many things couples need to take into consideration before planning to conceive, folic acid supplementation should be given prime importance as it is pivotal in ensuring a healthy baby....


Pro-tip Series: Exercising during Pregnancy

Baby let's move! Or shall we? It is natural for women to question the safety of exercise during pregnancy. In this post from our Pro-tip Series, MyMama midwife Ms Catriona Grech discusses the ins and outs of staying active while growing a baby.


Ms Catriona Grech - Exercising during Pregnancy


For a long time, pregnant women have been considered too delicate for even the mildest of strenuous efforts. They have been excluded not only from contact sports, but even from many party activities - including dancing or blowing balloons! Luckily, the idea of pregnancy being considered as a weakness is finally being...


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