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doddl offers the answer to make mealtimes for young children more ENJOYABLE!

doddl is a fast-growing UK brand set up and run by an entrepreneurial mum who, through the invention of a unique product is making a positive impact on children’s relationship with food and mealtimes. Catherine Dodd, doddl inventor, said “doddl’s unique design offers innovation in children’s cutlery that hasn’t been seen before.

By designing specifically for babies and children alongside child development experts, we’ve made it much easier for children to eat successfully, making mealtimes more enjoyable for the whole family.


So, what’s wrong with standard cutlery?

Traditional kids' cutlery has not been designed for children, they are merely small versions of cutlery designed for adults. The long thin handles require dexterity that a child does not yet have, making it very difficult for them to grip and control. Traditional knives are particularly difficult for children to use as they rely on muscle strength in the wrist that young children do not have. Parents fear giving children effective knives through risk of injury, so instead offer knives with blunt ends that do not work. 

Mealtimes are therefore frustrating and stressful, resulting in young children missing out on enjoying mealtimes, developing their independence, learning self-regulation, building key social skills, increasing confidence with food and exploring new tastes and textures. doddl solves this problem and is a revolution in children’s cutlery. Thoroughly researched and tested alongside child development experts, doddl is designed specifically for young children. The size and shape makes it easy for young children to feed themselves whilst holding the cutlery correctly, making the transition to adult cutlery simple. doddl cutlery is recommended by feeding specialists, nutritionists, occupational therapists, and child development experts and has the added benefit of helping to develop important fine motor skills.

The doddl knife has an innovative shape that uses the strength of a child’s palm to push down through food and has a cleverly serrated ‘safe blade’ design that chops through all foods but not skin, allowing real independence at mealtimes and in the kitchen. doddl is 5 star rated by customers and loved by celebrities including Joe Wicks, Gemma Atkinson, Lucy Mecklenburg, Kate Lawler, Camila Thurlow and Deliciously Ella. doddl has challenged the norm of children’s cutlery and is helping babies and toddlers make the most of mealtimes across the world.



The doddl plate

Alongside doddl’s cleverly designed, ergonomic cutlery, the brand has now launched its first ever children’s plate. The plate is designed to make mealtimes easier and more enjoyable - encouraging children to develop the abilities they’ll need to transition to a grownup plate.

Expertly designed, the plate helps young children take the next step in developing their mealtime skills. Visually similar to an adult plate, but with the following unique features: 

  •  Subtle curve towards the back, helping keep food on the plate.
  •  Lower front and sides, allowing easy access for food with cutlery. 
  •  Non-slip base, keeping the plate still but not suctioned, to teach children how a
     grown-up plate works. 
  •  Splat design, focusing the eye on to the centre of the plate. 
  •  Biodegradable, using a special organic additive, which enables the decomposition
     of plastics over a significantly shortened time-frame.
  •  Dishwasher safe.


"The doddl plate is an exciting development  as it demonstrates our commitment to delivering the full mealtime range to parents, which is what we always set out to do. All doddl products are designed to help children learn and develop at mealtimes. Our clever plate is no different. With subtle features that support children and help them to succeed as they learn, the doddl plate, combined with our unique cutlery makes mealtimes far more enjoyable for the whole family".

 - Managing Director at doddl, Catherine Dodd


"Before children learn to support a scooping action with a utensil, they can be aided at mealtimes by a higher sided plate. The doddl Children’s Plate is perfectly designed, with a gentle curve towards the back and lower front and sides, resulting in more food on the spoon, less frustration and less mess. This has very much been my experience using this plate.

As a feeding and swallowing specialist, speech therapist, and mother to two small children I have seen my fair share of baby and children’s feeding utensils and the doddl Children’s Plate has already become a firm family favourite".

- Doddl’s expert partner, Feeding and Swallowing Specialist Speech Therapist, Stacey Zimmels


The doddl range can be purchased from Sweet Pea Ideas via their Facebook page by simply sending them a message. What’s more they also offer FREE DELIVERY! You can also get your hands on doddl from the MyMama Hub in Naxxar!





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