Mama Let's Talk: Noel & Chris

Noel and Chris - perhaps not who you'd expect for a Mama Let's Talk episode, but we wanted to get a number of points across via this interview.
First, that all parents, but even more so those choosing adoption as a route to parenthood need to be supported and loved as the journey is not an easy one. Secondly, since launching the MyMama platform, we have made it a point to be inclusive and open-minded about the concept of parenthood - any child who has one, two or more loving and doting parents or guardians, whatever their sex, religion or colour, is a fortunate one.
It was a pleasure to film this interview with Noel and Chris, adoptive parents to Daniel. They remind the rest of us that being a parent takes hard work, dedication and at times, sacrifice. Yet the process is rewarding and we should always approach it with a big pinch of positivity and why not, a little humour.
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