Your baby's first year is such an exciting time - while you're busy getting to know each other, baby is also developing at supersonic speed! 

One of the best ways to support and encourage your little one in reaching new milestones is doing simple age-appropriate activities with them. Play-time is a great way to bond and connect with your baby - yet sometimes as new parents we tend to be unsure about what activities we should be trying out.

This FUN and interactive class based workshop is delivered by Speech & Language Pathologist Christina Gauci, and is a great way to learn how you can support your baby's speech, language and communication skills development through different activities.




Christina Gauci is a warranted Speech and Language Pathologist who has been practicing these past 14 years. She has worked with individuals of all ages ranging from newborn to elderly having a variety of difficulties pertaining to speech, language, communication and feeding. She has worked in a variety of settings such as specialised autism centres, schools and hospitals. She has a special interest in play, early childhood language development and social communication skills.

Christina is a lecturer and together with colleagues has developed social communication programmes for children specifically having ADHD and/or autism. She is now also furthering her studies within the education sector and is also working as an LSE.

Christina is a mother to Liam and Kate and furry babies Lucy and Danny, and loves nothing more than spending time with her family and spending Saturday nights watching movies with her husband Andrew.

"Apart from learning about the different milestones I can expect my son to reach in the coming months, I now understand how to adapt my reactions to his cues so as to support his development. Lots of ideas about different activities that I can plan for him too! A really great workshop! Thank you Christina and well done MyMama!"


D. A

"This was such a great workshop - Christina is a gem, very knowledgeable and reassuring. I felt I learned so much during the workshop, and had so many 'aha' moments! We discussed milestones, simple activities, how to speak and read to babies... I definitely feel more confident now that I know how to use playtime with my baby with more intent. Thanks MyMama for this informative course!"

Luisa G.

What does a PLAY WITH ME workshop consist of?

A PLAY WITH ME workshop is a baby-led session where parents and caregivers will be able to observe and discuss the techniques described by our Speech and Language Pathologist Christina.  Attendees learn from each others' experiences,  take the time to practice Christina's suggestions on how to interact and play with their child, and are encouraged to address any concerns or curiosities regarding speech, language and communication development in babies.

Each session is  a wonderful opportunity for parents and caregivers to bond with their baby and interact with other families. 

What will you learn during each PLAY WITH ME WORKSHOP?

All about how your baby's brain develops & how you can support this through everyday activities


What to expect when it comes to your baby's speech, language & communication milestones


Why play is the main way that babies develop, learn & explore the world around them


Examples of age-appropriate toys & resources you can use to encourage your baby's development


PLAY WITH ME workshop (0-12 months)


incl. VAT

24th June 2023 10:00 - 12:00 CET


This 2-hour CLASS BASED workshop for parents and their babies between 0-12 months is a fun and interactive session packed with info on how you can support your little one's speech, language and communication development during their first year:

  • Learn about your baby's speech, language and communication milestones in the first year, and get plenty of ideas for fun activities, simple resources you can use and what kind of age-appropriate toys to look out for.
  • Interact with fellow parents in a relaxed space - including free-flowing coffees and teas.
  • Get the guidance and input of our expert Speech & Language Pathologist Christina, who will answer any questions.
  • This workshop is baby-led, so you can tend to your little one's needs as you learn - our space is fully accessible and set out with parents and babies in mind!
  • Downloadable resources are provided  to ensure that what you have learnt during the workshop can be then implemented at home with your little one.



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