Charlene Aquilina



Charlene Aquilina is a warranted Clinical Psychologist and Family Therapist. She obtained both Masters with Distinction from the University of Malta. She also furthered her training in Co-Parenting at the Tavistock Clinic in London.

Charlene has substantial experience working with children, adolescents, couples/parents and families. She worked for eight years within the local Child and Young People’s Unit and Mount Carmel Hospital. Through this, Charlene gained ample experience in mental health and the importance of adopting a systemic framework to support the whole family in the process.      

Charlene is currently a visiting lecturer at the University of Malta and is working in private practice. She also forms part of the ACAMH Malta committee where she works to promote psychoeducation on child and adolescent mental health as well as continuous professional training.

Charlene has a special interest in perinatal mental health, early years and parenting, and through her private practice, MyMama online sessions and various webinars and courses, she works closely with families to support them with their relationship hardships and emotions. 


Doctor online consultation

Charlene is currently on maternity leave and will be available for online consultations shortly.

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