Babies LOVE to be held and feel close to their parents.

Baby massage provides endless benefits!

This parent & baby workshop delivered by Ms Denise Holmes, a qualified Infant Massage Instructor and midwife, offers much more than the techniques on how to safely massage your baby. Each session is an opportunity for you to relax with your baby, talk about relevant topics with the midwife, and ease yourself into parenthood.

NEW HYBRID DELIVERY! Attend sessions LIVE ONLINE from home or join us IN PERSON at the MyMama hub in Naxxar, Malta. 




Denise Holmes is a mother of two young children.  She is a Registered Nurse and a Senior Midwife who graduated in 2003 (Diploma Nursing) and in 2006 (BSc [Hons] Midwifery).  Denise also has 15 years’ experience as a qualified Massage Therapist and Reflexologist and since 2007, she holds a Diploma in Maternity Reflexology (London).  In 2012, she also acquired certification as an Infant Massage Instructor.  For the past 11 years, she has been a practicing Senior Midwife at the Neonatal & Paediatric Intensive Care Unit.

As a mother and midwife, Denise feels that it is a privilege for her to work holistically with women preparing for conception and pregnancy, mothers due for childbirth, and families with newborns in the postnatal period and through the transition to parenthood. 

Denise believes that the transition to parenthood is a crucial period for a family and baby massage eases the way for the whole family to bond together, to maintain wellbeing, to better understand the needs of the baby and enhancing the parent-baby relationship.

“'Touch is the first language we speak” (Stephen Gaskin)

What are the benefits of baby massage for your little one?


Promotes parent-infant bonding, secure attachment, verbal and non verbal communication, one to one quality time, feeling respected, using all senses - love, tolerance, imitation and empathy.


Stimulates all body systems, aids the immune system, improves learning ability & muscular development, helps sensory integration and mind/body awareness while helps in language development.


Helps with gas & colic, constipation, gastro-intestinal cramps, excess mucus. Growing pains, muscular tension, teething discomfort, softens the skin, sensitivity to touch and physical and psychological tension.


Improves sleep patterns, helps normalise muscle tone, increases flexibility, reduces stress levels, less allergies, regulates behavioral states and the infant's ability to control and calm him/herself.




  • Better understanding of your baby.

  • Promotion of bonding & quality time.

  • Improves self-esteem and confidence, parenting skills and increases high levels of relaxing hormones.

  • Improves your sleep and decreases the chances of postnatal depression.

  • Stimulates lactation.

  • Promotes the early involvement of the father.

"Loved the Baby Massage Workshop - Denise was absolutely wonderful! It is a useful skill to learn which definitely comes in handy when baby is gassy or overtired and needs soothing. And it has also been a great way to bond and experience a few coos and smiles from Conor!

Denise immediately put us mamas at ease about having to feed, change or soothe a crying baby during the class, and like that we could enjoy the experience even more. Totally recommended to any new mama!"


Davinia & baby Conor

"Denise was amazing, she was so calm and helpful, both about the topic of baby massage and even when asking about the baby's wellbeing in general. The sessions were well laid out and never felt overwhelming.

I absolutely loved this course and so has my daughter! It's a great bonding exercise that is way too good not to try! I very much look forward to carrying out some other of these courses in the near future. Money well spent!"



Lara & baby Hannah

What do I need to prepare for the BABY MASSAGE WORKSHOP?

Be sure to have the following basics at hand prior to each session:

  • A changing mat covered with a large soft towel for baby AND a yoga or any exercise for the parent.
  • Any feeding or nappy changing items that you might need for your baby close by.
  • Your workshop handout booklet (supplied).
  • A suitable infant massage oil that is ideally organic with no added fragrances, essential oils or extra ingredients. We provide you with a pure grapeseed oil that has been approved by our instructor Denise Holmes.
  • IF JOINING LIVE ONLINE: choose a warm room, and set up your laptop in a way that you can easily view the instructor and the instructor can easily view you.

Our next Baby Massage Workshop dates:

  • Session 1 -¬†Friday¬†28th June 2024¬†10:00 - 11:30 CET

  • Session 2 -¬†Friday¬†5th July 2024¬†10:00 - 11:30¬†CET

  • Session 3 -¬†Friday¬†26th July 2024¬†10:00 - 11:30 CET

  • Session 4 -¬†Friday¬†2nd August¬†2024¬†10:00 - 11:30 CET



CLASS BASED at the MyMama hub in Naxxar or LIVE ONLINE (Zoom link provided to join the live streaming of each session).¬†Kindly inform us how you will be joining the sessions upon booking, by emailing us on [email protected].

Get your pass to our BABY MASSAGE WORKSHOP


incl. VAT

  • Four parent & baby sessions of 1.5 hours each.
  • A workshop handout booklet¬†is supplied to help you understand and learn the different techniques.
  • A complimentary pure sweet almond massage oil to use during baby massage.
  • A 10% discount voucher* from Giggle 'n' Splash on¬†an Infant, Baby or Toddler Aquatics Course - the ULTIMATE bonding combo for you and your baby! (*voucher will be emailed to you, does not expire & can be used once).
  • Learn how to safely and effectively massage your baby in a relaxed, informal setting, where you can meet like-minded parents and discuss any issues with the midwife.
  • Classes are baby-led (feel free to tend to your baby's needs during the class - feeding, changing nappies and napping¬†- it's business as usual for the little ones!). You'll be able to re-watch any bits you have missed via the recordings of each session (even if you're attending in person), available on the private course page.

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